Condom – A Wonder Of Modern Science

The age we are living in now is called the Jet Age. Can our early forefathers who lived in the Stone Age and the Ice Age even imagine that an age such as ours would come into being? The wonders of science never cease to amaze us. When we think that nothing now remains to be invented science again proves us wrong. The moon which mystified men for centuries now has man’s footprints on it. Quite different to all but with its unique approach condom has come as a true revolution of science. Condom use has smashed all previous records since after its inception and is now ruling the market. It has certainly made our sex life better.

This massive popularity of condom is due to the fact that it helps to prevent sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS and Syphilis as well as prevent pregnancy. Condoms are 避孕套推介 available in market for both sexes. What we generally called condom is the male condom while there is another one especially for female called female condom which is a vaginal sheath and fits just inside her vagina. This amazing element is made of latex or polyurethane. Latex condoms are the most popular in the world due to its cheaper price and easy availability while the polyurethanes are a bit expensive but are thinner and hence increases sensitivity and are better in appearance and feel, as stated by its users.

Condom must be used every time during sex to experience a safe sex. Never use the same condom twice or throw it away after use. After you buy the thing just tear its cover carefully avoiding any scratch with your fingernails or teeth and always check the expiry date before use. Now place the condom to the tip of your penis and see if there is any reservoir top, if not then pinch the tip of the condom to make a space where the semen gets collected. You have to be careful with any air bubbles that might be present since these bubbles can break the condom. After everything is checked well then roll the condom all the way to the base of the penis. Now you are almost ready for the sex

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