How Does It Work?

Testosterone is an anabolic hormone and a partial testosterone androgen which is known to have many benefits to the human body. As such, its use in building muscle mass is highly sought after. Testosterone supplements are widely used to increase muscle mass in men who are looking to bulk up and build muscles fast. The most popularly known anabolic hormones are testosterone, cortisol, hydroxycut, and metformin. All of these products however, have different side effects and the treatment may not necessarily be the safest.

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The supplement Sustanon is made of natural ingredients which help boost testosterone levels while fighting free radicals and improving general health. This includes taking a dose of vitamin E after each workout session to prevent damage to the skin. Vitamin E is known to have antioxidant properties which prevent cell Sustanon damage and to improve skin cell regeneration. Another natural ingredient of Sustanon is lecithin oil which improves absorption rate of the testosterone and inhibits the oxidation of cholesterol. Furthermore, lecithin oil also prevents free radical damage resulting to improved cardiovascular functions.

Another benefit of Sustanon is that it may reduce or even stop the occurrence of some kinds of cancers, such as prostate cancer, bladder cancer, breast cancer, lymphoma, and oral cancer. However, in women, when taking the supplement, it is recommended that you also take into consideration certain medications such as tamoxifen and estrogen. Some recent studies suggest that Sustanon may also affect testosterone levels. Other studies also indicate that Sustanon increases oxidation rates during exercise leading to better muscle growth.

As with all anabolic androgenic steroids, Sustanon may have certain side effects including increased hair growth. Some users experience increased levels of fatigue and mild muscle weakness. Excessive use may lead to changes in body color. In rare cases, Sustanon can lead to changes in vision, decreased libido, chest pain, heart problems, and abnormal bleeding in the lungs or kidneys. There are also reports of sudden death due to irregular heart rhythm. Although these side effects are rare, if you experience any of them then you should contact your doctor immediately.

Common side effects include persistent itching in the groin, acne, hair growth on face and trunk, and changes in body weight. If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, you should avoid taking AAS since it may lead to abnormalities in your fetus. However, there are no reports of harmful side effects while taking Sustanon.

There are various types of side effects which may affect men who are taking Sustanon. These include mild stomach cramps, jaundice, rapid weight gain, increased cholesterol, liver enlargement, dry mouth, abnormal heart beat, and changes in mental status. If you are pregnant or breast-feeding then you must discontinue the use of Sustanon. You may also have to monitor closely the health of your baby while using this product.

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