An Overview of Ancient Chinese Medicinal Practices

Ancient medicine from China has been around for thousands of years, and even today it is still widely used not only in China but throughout the world. Traditional Chinese medicinal practice revolves around the use of the physiology and pathology of the human body, and these two features are highly emphasized. The first one being a holistic vision and the second involves the treatment of the identified causes.

The use of ancient Chinese medicine is truly special and is different from any other types of medicinal practice in the world, particularly from practices in the Western World. The practitioners of Chinese medicine itemized the disorders and diseases in terms of patterns, and in Chinese ancient medicine there eight fundamental patterns recognized, and they are:

  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Heat
  • Cold
  • Excess
  • Deficiency
  • Yin
  • Yang

A Totally Unique System

Ancient medicine from China is so unique and different that no other system with its medical theory and practices exist anywhere else and is widely respected by others. The Chinese system consists of a five phase theory that is composed of five elements namely fire, wood, metal, earth and water. The Chinese practitioners believe that the patients body should be considered and viewed as an organic whole rather than individual parts.

The mail goal of the Chinese Ancient medicinal methodology is not simply to cover up a disease or 婦科中醫推薦 concentrate on a specific disease but instead to consider the patients ailments as part of a whole organic being and determine the cause in order to get to the proper solution. Their purpose for this is so that they not only eliminate the problem but also prevent the disease or other diseases triggered from the same cause from reoccurring the future.

The treatments used in ancient Chinese medicine


like its theory is totally different from those practice in the Western world, with much less reliance on prescription drugs. The most common forms of treatment used in Chinese ancient medicine include acupuncture, massage and manipulation of body parts, all in a natural way. Other forms of treatment that the ancient Chinese utilize is special diets designed to treat and combat illness.

For a large number of people, ancient Chinese medicine is a preferred choice and it is apparent that with many more people becoming aware of the dangerous implications of using excessive prescription medicine, they have turned to alternative forms of medicine which are seen as natural. In general the use of ancient Chinese medicine as treatment has been tested by many medical specialist in China and throughout the world and have been found to be safe and in many instances reliable. This has paved the path for more and more conventional practitioners to adopt part of the Chinese medicinal practices and commonly use it to complement conventional treatment for common ailments and diseases.

Evolution of Ancient Chinese Medicine

As the evolution of Chinese medicine continued, as it was historically recorded, it evolved into a near holistic approach to healing. With the belief was that every part of the body was designed to work both individually and as a part of a whole, working in harmony with the environment, treatment methods and practices were developed around this theory.

Many have claimed that ancient Chinese medicinal theories were the precursor to the modern western medicinal practices. This claim stems from the use of botanical plants which still continues in Chinese herbal medicine today, and this route was the roadmap that all modern synthetic drugs have followed.

Even though many other ancient cultures such as the ancient Egyptians and Indians used botanicals and massage therapy as part of their health systems, many view the path that Chinese medicine has followed throughout history which has brought about the emergence of conventional medicine to the stature it has today. This even as more and more Chinese physicians are starting to embrace the western theories and methods, use of conventional synthetic drugs as a supplemental course of action to their already established ancient medicinal practices.

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