Who is the best contestant in Bigg Boss 5 Telugu?

From all the 19 Contestants till now Sreeramachandra seems to be the Best Contestant or Housemate among all the 19 contestants. From day one he has been trying to make good relationships with every housemate inside the house but some are keeping him aside and Playing strategy one by one.

Sreeramachandra Best Contestant

Sreeramachandra is now doubt, He is the most famous Celebrity person as of now in bigg boss 5 telugu voting results today. No eliminated Contestant has Spoken bad about him. Eliminated Contestants have the full right to talk whatever they want but they all gave positive reviews on Sri Ramachandra’s behaviour. 

Makes House Cool

Sreeramchandra tries to make House Environment Cool and entertainment by singing songs whenever Possible. He takes failures in task sportively. In the fourth week incident Jessi had a clash with Sreeram and decided not to eat, then Sreeramachandra himself went to jessi with food and requested to eat but jessi denied. As Sreeramachandra was a Captain, He himself decided not to eat that day. 

Jealous On Sriramachandra

Top Contestants like Maanas, Shanmukh, Kajal are getting with Sriram alway. They are Pointing Sreeramchandra’s mistakes a lot. This seems that Sreeram is giving very tough competition for all of them. Social media following for Sreeram also increasing day by day.

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