Start a Jewelry Store – Mall Spots That Suck

Well, you finally made the best decision of your jewelry business career and talked to a mall manager about renting or leasing mall space. I bet you’re excited and ready to get started yesterday towards making the big bucks. The leasing manager is showing you all the available spots they have and the different prices for each location. She is talking each spot up about what great locations they are, how much traffic they get, how close to the theaters they are…blah, blah, blah. It’s time to put on the brakes.

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No matter how great a mall location looks or what the leasing agent says, some spots are complete suicide for jewelry businesses how much does a gallon of milk weigh . Which ones? For starters, anywhere far from where your target market shops is way too far. Just because a location gets a lot of traffic doesn’t mean anything…is it your target traffic? When you analyze mall traffic, the customers just don’t go everywhere, they go to only the places they need to go and skip the rest.

Most jewelry customers are women. The most popular shops women frequent at the mall are clothing stores, shoe stores, hair salons and the food court what does wdm mean in texting . If your target customers are younger, you want to be outside theaters, food courts, music stores, Spencer gifts and Hot Topic. The demographics are not spread evenly over the mall. Customers are concentrated in certain areas of the mall based on age and gender. It’s up to you to know who your target customer is and where they shop. The leasing agent has no idea about this.

When selling jewelry, avoid mall wings or offshoot hallways where specialized retailers are: Pearlvision, tax preparers, yoga studios, shoe repair, smoke shops, bars, photography studios and video game stores or arcades. The customers that shop at these places usually make appointments or just run in and out quickly and do not shop the rest of the mall. They park outside and come in through the side entrances. Location is not just important based on how much traffic there is, but who the traffic is. Is the traffic right for you? If the leasing agent shows you a spot that just doesn’t feel right, ask politely to see another location.

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