Satellite Internet Lets People Blog the Day Away

Journalism has changed drastically from what it was a couple of decades ago. A few generations ago, people were accustomed to using the radio and newspaper as means of catching up on local and world news. With the advent and popularization of television joining the ranks, three distinct and specialized forms of finding out what was going on in the world that day guided people. People were content with these forms of information, and why not? The news was being handed out as quickly as it was being written down, and people were happy to know that they were in the loop, whenever it came around to them. However, in today’s fast paced world, news is coming in from an endless number of directions at blitzkrieg pace. Every second another rock is turned over somewhere on the globe, and a news story is reported about what was discovered under that rock.

As a result, newspaper, radio and television have proven too slow to keep up with this lightning quick world. With a paper coming out every morning, too much news hits the streets during the daylong lapse for it to be the main means for people to obtain information. Radio and television programs need to be written and produced, and even a daily dose does not allow somebody to constantly be up on what is going on and going down in the world that day. As a result, the internet has taken over as the main resource for people to get their news and information . With news sites sprouting up overnight, there are an ample number of places for people to find whatever news it may be that they are looking for. However, even that is not enough anymore.

Blogging is a new way for people to freely and, more importantly, constantly update their audience with news on any topic whatsoever. If you are a sports fan, you can find a sports blog that covers every swing and pitch of your favorite baseball team. If you are a business junkie, there are dozens of blogs that cover every single minute detail that hits the business world almost exactly as they fall. The fact is, the speed of these blogs is simply astonishing.

However these sites would not be possible without an internet connection that ran as fast as the users who log on to these sites do. Satellite internet has emerged as the leading internet source for anybody serious about being a blogger or following blogs consistently. A broadband internet connection allows user to upload their information as quickly as they want, never hitting a snag that slows them down. That same broadband internet connection allows those who read these blogs to stay on top of them as often as they like as well. The fact of the matter is, satellite internet has made remarkable strides in the world of technology that have directly related to the strides made in journalism. Without satellite internet there is no telling where our world of news would be today.

What I found was that the important news still has a way of getting to me. Other people will comment on how bad the situation is in the middle-east, for example, or perhaps how ridiculous the government’s latest policies are on health or how awful the disaster is in… well, you name the place. This stuff still gets through because the story just takes off and has a life of its own. In such cases, I do check the news to stay abreast of important events. In fact, one thing I like to do, with regard to TV news, is to just watch the headlines on the evening news. It takes a couple of minutes and if there’s nothing in those headlines that grabs me, I know I do not need the detail, so I simply turn it off.

Of course, not watching the news means that I am less well informed than the average person about current events. But, the other side of this coin is that I can reclaim all of that previously lost time and energy and redirect it at something more worthwhile and profitable. I spend less time mithering myself about world events and more time thinking about how to achieve my goals – and I think this has become a vitally important weapon in my success arsenal. After all, you can only think, consciously, of one thing at a time and so this space I have managed to create is then free to be occupied by thoughts that are more important to me.

For the same reason, it is rare for me to listen to the radio in the car and generally, I don’t listen to music when travelling either. There is nothing wrong with doing so, of course. Many people do these things to pass their time. For me however, I want to use that valuable thinking time in a different way. I want to recall my current situation with regard to my main project. I want to think about the problems I am currently facing and then let my brain go to work on finding the answers. This is the process of introspection that I have found delivers remarkable results – all the better when the mind is not distracted.

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