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They were originally created to be online diaries. Blogging means the actions of creating and maintain a blog. Blogging combined the personal web page with tools to make linking to other pages easier -specifically permalinks, blogrolls and TrackBacks. Before blogging became popular, digital communities took many forms, including Usenet, commercial online services such as GEnie, BiX and the early CompuServe, e-mail lists and Bulletin Board Systems (BBS), which were harder to use. Blogging become very popular because they are easy to use and they fit multiple purposes.

The blogs were used by: – adolescents to write their thoughts and communicate with friends – journalists to publish their articles and comments the latest news – people with the same occupation to keep up to date with information – people who shared the same hobbies to exchange impressions – business for communications with employees and with customers – online marketers to advertise their products Blogs were achieving a better search engine position than normal sites so they were used to promote small business. Because the weblogs were so loved by search engines, smart marketers use them to create info business.

The marketers have created niche blogs, fill them with content, put Adsense, Chitika and affiliate program offers and so they made a nice online income. The bad part with this system is that you must create the content before making money. Creating content for a blog was a time consuming task so automated blog software generators hit the market. Weblog software (also called blog software or blogware) is a category of software which consists of a specialized form of content management systems specifically designed for creating and maintaining weblogs.

The mass blog generators make all the content for you, most of them use RSS feed for this purpose. All you have to do is to put your Adsense, Chitika code on the freshly created pages and you are in business. A good mass blog generator must: – create 100 blogs per second – do it all for you: creating, updating and pinging – make your site get indexed fast – provide thousands and thousands of one way links so your promotion to be on autopilot – have a easy to manage admin zone So you can use mass generator tools to create fully automatically blogs.

Selling your affiliate links may prove to be tricky nowadays, what with many points on the net despising – if not entirely banning- the redistribution of the said links on their websites. The better means to go is to have your own page which will encompass all of your affiliate links, and basically direct people to this one stopover URL.

There are many kinds of websites you can create for this intention, but no one will ever match up to the sheer adaptability, intrinsic influence, and fantastic scope of a blog.

The expression “blog” has grow to be an everyday word for net residents, which rooted from “internet chronicles.” Blogs were created to be online journals where members can post about the occurrences of their days as well as their outlooks for all of the internet to witness.

Blogs, however, are vital online advertising weapons, plainly because of the following explanations:

– Blogs are in actuality simplified substance management systems. Imagine Joomla, only, with an edge that even a 7-year old child can use. Because blogs are so plain to use, they are very available to an extensive group of people, marketers included.

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