Feeding a Betta Fish – Foods and Food Care Tips For Betta Fishes

Bettas have weird feeding habits. At one point, they can eat anything but then again, they can be very picky too. But one thing is for sure, they only have tiny stomachs, so overfeeding them is a big no-no. This can lead to swim bladder disease, GI blockage, or even death.

In feeding a betta fish, you can give the adult bettas 3 to 4 pellets each day at once or you can feed them twice a day with 1 to 2 pellets each time. You can feed them more during pre-spawning but not more than 4 times each day with black worms and mosquito larvae. For young bettas, they can only be fed after they reach 5 days old with boiled egg yolk or brine shrimp.

In feeding a betta fish with live worms, do not just pick worms from the gardens What Does Gamey Taste Like? Does Gamey Taste Good . The best live worms for your fishes can be purchased at a local fish store or pet supplies shops.

Betta specific pellets are good in feeding a betta fish but frozen and live foods are preferred. You can also incorporate treats in their diets by giving them bloodworms or fruit flies. These treats can be provided about two times a week only. Some healthy treats that you can give other than foods include giving them a crystal clean water for their tank or buying them a silk plant.

Besides giving your fishes a treat, skipping food one day each week is also a good practice. This will allow their digestive system to rest and clean itself out. The betta fish can actually survive a couple of days without being fed, so if you have to leave the fishes for a weekend, you don’t need to worry if they miss a day or two without eating. However, if you have to leave for more than 2 days, you should have someone to feed them and clean the water in their tank. You may also use automatic feeder in feeding a betta fish.

When feeding a betta fish, be sure to have his attention before you drop the food in his tank. The best way of feeding a betta fish is to drop a tiny bit of frozen bloodworms or brine shrimp close to his face. You can then check if the fish get the food right away. If he did not eat it for more than 15 minutes, you have to remove the uneaten food to avoid getting the water cloudy and polluted. But if it already turned cloudy, you have to change it. Also, watch out for the nitrite and ammonia levels in the aquarium as harmful bacteria can affect your fish life.

Also, do not feed your fishes with your hands. You may put the foods in a container lid before dropping them to the tank or use tweezers in picking the food out of a plastic bag. This will prevent you from contacting with bacteria and the likes.

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