Gay Magazines in London For The Latest Gay Lifestyle

We have Cosmopolitan for women, Good Housekeeping for homemakers, Maxim for men, Glamour for celebrity worshipers, Anorak for kids, Football365 for football fans, in fact there is something for every one. For a long time the print media was without a magazine devoted to gay community. Every sector of the market was targeted and the gay community was unswervingly ignored Elisa Gayle Ritter . However, all this changed when the media moguls saw the power of pink pound. There were suddenly not one or two but several gay magazines on the market, that were about gays, by the gays and for the gays.

From health to wealth, from entertainment to child rearing, from beauty to housekeeping, sports to celebrity gossip, there are magazines for every possible need in the UK. There are magazines for scuba divers and magazines for science geeks, you name it and they have it. Earlier gays used to read women magazines that featured lot of hot male bodies on display and Playgirl was one of their all time favourite. The content was obviously not targeted towards men and hence gays longed for a full-fledged magazine they could call their own.

Some of the older magazines in the UK, targeted towards gays, are The Pink Paper and Gay Times. Other gay magazines such as Attitude, Boyz, Refresh, Bent, and AXM magazine are relatively younger but by no chance are young in talent and content. The fact that gays have relatively higher purchasing power than their straight counterparts, has given rise to these magazines. Most of these magazines have captured a fair share of market and have top-notch companies advertising with them.

Wondering if distressed jeans and checked shirts are in rage or not? Well, UK fashion magazines will tell you all these and much more. Some of the leading publications that give you an insight in the fantastic world of fashion are Elle, Vogue, InStyle, Look, and the list goes on. These glossy magazines are perfect for you if you want to be up to date about ever changing world of fashion.

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