New Online Business Entrepreneurs Are Like Kids at a Candy Store!

A kid at a candy store wants a piece of everything. It all looks so good in the eyes of a child so they have to have one of each. Why is it that a new online business entrepreneur acts the same way with internet marketing? Is it because of the internet and all the information readily available for us to have? Is it because we are so gung ho at first we have to have it now and don’t have the patience to wait? Or is it that we feel that we have to be such great student to become successful?

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See, the problem with this is if you try to learn so much in a short amount of time, you will suffer of what I call “Brain info overload”. Learning new things is great but learning too many topics too fast can actually be harmful สล็อตแตกง่าย . So when you start your online business, knowing how to priorities will be your biggest challenge.

So let’s analyze this. If your mentor of your new online business tells you that in order to be successful, you must read these 5 books, then watch these 5 webinars and be on these 2 conference calls and I will call you in 2 days to answer any questions, what happens to you? Just how much do you think you will retain? The answer is may be 30%-40% and you will not be an expert in any of the subjects you will have learned about.

Most successful entrepreneur were not built overnight. In fact, it usually takes 6 months to a year for most to see major success. So let’s take a different angle. Let’s establish a timeline that is more reasonable. Let’s start with the 1st book, let’s read it in the first week and let’s use the next 2 weeks to become familiar with the training and put in place what we learned. Let’s do this with each books, webinars and conference calls. 6 months from now, you will have completed all the training and you will be good in each facets of your business and you will have an online business that is growing and making money.

This is precisely what I teach my new community members. Learning one online marketing technique at the time, become good at it and then move on to the next one and do the same all over again while maintaining the previous one. Building any business is a marathon, not a sprint; you must use intelligent patience in order to be successful.

In time, these are the results you will get. You will become an expert in a particular subject without a “Brain info overload”. You will be able to execute said subject and watch it generate results. And after some time, you will be able to teach others what you have learned so they can become successful themselves. When all of this is in place, you will be the making money that you wished for from your networking business.

Now of course, there are many other factors that will decide if you are going to be successful or not. Choosing the right business that has the right training, marketing, products and support is another key to your success. Finding a great mentor that will be there for you is another one but the most important one is YOU. Just how motivated are you? What is it in your life that makes you want change? Is your goal strong enough to inspire you to invest the time and effort to be successful? You must be able to answer these questions to know if you are ready or not

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