Find Out the Truth About Making Money Online

When I first started thinking about the prospect of making money online – I had just had my eldest son and consequently our household was losing an income – my main concern was could it really be done. Fast-forward a few years and I’m doing very nicely, but I still remember how hard it was to get good, honest information when I was starting out. So here is my take on the truth about making money on the internet.

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Generally speaking, ‘getting rich quick’ can’t be done. Sure some people have done it, but only because they’ve come up with a very clever and unique idea UFABET เว็บตรง . For instance, in August 2005 21 year old Alex Tew set up The Million Dollar Homepage, where companies and individuals could buy a 10 by 10 pixel square on his site at a cost of $1 per pixel. Within 5 weeks he had made $250,000 and by the end of January 2006 he had sold the last pixel.

But for most of us, that amazing flash of inspiration will never happen. So what about the sites on the internet making promises that anyone can earn $3,000 an hour with some magical system? Unfortunately these sorts of sites tend to fall into two categories – genuinely helpful but with grossly exaggerated claims, and blatant scams.

One site, which shall remain nameless, promises you can make thousands by using their roulette system in certain online casinos. But while I can’t say for sure this ‘system’ doesn’t work – I haven’t tried it – I strongly suspect the fact that they are affiliates of the casinos they recommend you use was a bigger factor in setting up their site than any altruistic intentions to help people earn money. Other webmasters promise to help you replicate their system for making real money online through affiliate programmes, Adsense, etc.

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