A Detailed ‘Copy That Game’ Review

Our Copy That Game review takes a look at the newest game copy technology on the market, one that has generated a great deal of interest and buzz since its recent release F95ZONE . Does it live up to the hype? Read on to find out.

Copy That Game is a program that allows users to make backup copies of any CD or DVD-based gaming system, from the recent PlayStation 3, to the Sega Saturn. As any gamer knows, CD’s and DVD’s are highly fragile. Even a single scratch could permanently ruin a game disc, making vital data inaccessible. In other cases, scratches, or even simple dirt or dust on the disc can cause music, video, and gameplay to skip and stutter uncontrollably, all but ruining the otherwise sublime gaming experience.

For these and many other reasons, programs like the one highlighted in this Copy That Game review are essential for the modern gamer. They allow gamers of virtually any CD or DVD-based gaming console to back up their games to a CD-/+R or DVD-/+R, protecting their originals from possible wear and tear that could render them useless. Even in the event of a backup copy getting damaged, it’s a simple task to simply re-copy the original and continue on with your gaming enjoyment.

In our analysis of the Copy That Game software for the purposes of this Copy That Game review, we tested the product out with all of the systems it claimed it would work perfectly with. This includes old stalwarts like the Nintendo Gamecube and Microsoft Xbox, as well as modern consoles like the Nintendo Wii. No matter the system tested, the program passed with flying colors. We found we had perfect backup copies of games for all of these systems in a matter of minutes.

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