Preparing for the 17th Edition of the Wiring Regulations Exam

Becoming an electrician is not an easy or short process. Among the many qualifications required, the 17th Edition of Wiring Regulations exam is one that can be tricky to pass. In order to gain this valuable qualification one must pass a 60 question on-line exam provided by City and Guilds. The allowed time for the exam is two hours CISM certification cost .

This might not sound like something terribly difficult, but if you consider the price of a 17th Edition course, which is well over £400, it could be a very expensive exam to fail. So what should you do in order to have a higher chance of passing this exam for the first time?

 The first and most obvious thing of course is to buy the book, the BS 7671 17th Edition of the Wiring Regulations, well in advance of the exam or even the course itself and start reading through it to familiarise yourself to its content. Many people do not even look at the book before the exam and get horrified by having to work with the content they eventually find in the book.

The only thing that this book has in common with ordinary books is the presence of the “Table of contents”. So if you want to use this book, you must start familiarising yourself with its layout and content in time – weeks before the exam. Do not except to pass this exam by looking in to the book the night before!

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