Dolls for Pre Teens, Still Good Gifts

It’s kind of hard to imagine, isn’t it? Your kids are texting madly on the cell phone that’s just expensive as yours and when they’re not on their phone, they typically want to watch TV or play video games. Oh, but the Wii and the other movement detecting gaming systems have solved that. At least they’re standing up, right?

But it’s hard to imagine them turning around and playing with dolls once they hit their pre-teen stage ラブドール . Well, at least not Barbie. Believe it or not, there are some dolls they may really enjoy having. They just may not be Bratz dolls, which are actually most loved by kids under ten.

Bratz dolls were huge before 2007. They were different. They were hip. they loved fashion, make up, accessories, having really long hair, and, well, general behaviors that one would say may make them true brats, depending on how you see things.

Then it got a little weird. Parents began to feel concerned and the American Psychological Association even got involved. The concerns were regarding the adult sexualization of the dolls, and the fact that they were being played with by four to eight year old kids.

Big kids weren’t playing with them. Little kids were. Big kids aren’t as interested in Bratz dolls because they don’t find their personalities interesting. The fact that they released Baby Bratz really proved that they were not trying to aim for an older age group at all. While it may be okay for pre-teens to play with the Bratz dolls because they are able to separate their perceptions of themselves and the dolls better, pre-teens are typically not interested in baby dolls at all anymore, and they weren’t even asking for the original Bratz.

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