Fashion Jewellery To Look Out For In Spring 2011

With the world in recession, the fashion industry has responded by designing jewellery that is more in line with this year’s feeling, creating designs that are as far away from ‘bling’ and lavishness as biker chic is from bohemian chic. The jewellery in fashion is set to be more elegant and simple, going back to bohemian routes and fantastic decades, like the 1970’s.

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Travelling though to this spring is the ethnic look, which will favor large pendent necklaces, chokers, feathers, beads and byzantine necklaces buy gold in dubai . Large hoop earrings will be a favorite accessory to add to any ethnic outfit, where bold and bright Aztec patterns are dominant. Flowing nomad style ethnic outfits also fit well with chokers made of beads this season.

We’re going back in time this season, as the 70’s return to our catwalks. The hippie wave that was prominent in the 70’s is set to have a big influence on spring 2011’s trends, with beads and hoop earrings being the coolest accessory around. So feel those hippy vibes and think ‘love’ and ‘peace’ this spring, by adding cool beads, beaded gemstones and hooped earrings to your jewellery collection.

With the feeling of love and peace being so intense this year, designers have refreshed the romantic look, adding sensual bohemian aesthetics to their range. Think feminine, British country garden and ballet dancing, and you have 2011’s romantic look. In terms of accessories, this means you can adorn yourself with pretty feminine icon jewellery, with flower or butterfly designs, charm necklaces, lighter colours of lace and crosses. Use the colours and patterns of this aesthetics (whites, pinks, creams, flowers etc) to create that fresh romantic look.

Another unusual look to be set free this season is the handcraft look. No longer considered tacky or unprofessional, the handcraft look will give you that ‘arty’ and unique appearance you have been searching for. With this style, you can experiment with handcrafted looks, from beading to leather fringing, enabling you to have a much more varied style day to day

Trends come and go, fashion is always changing and the world of jewellery is no different. What is considered the height of fashion one year is out the next, so why is it that some things never seem to go out of fashion? Peridot jewellery is one of those things which fashion can never quite forget, demand remains high year on year. So what exactly is the peridot gemstone and why is peridot jewellery so popular?

Gemstones have been a popular feature in jewellery throughout history and the peridot gemstone remains very popular today. Peridot is a striking green gemstone and is one of the only gemstones that are only found in one colour. The shades of the peridot stone vary from a light green all the way to a deep brown-green, the colour variation is due to the level of iron in the stone. Peridot gemstones often have a gold glimmer that catches the eye and adds an extra allure to this beautiful stone. The most popular shades for peridot jewellery are the lighter, more vibrant shades that look wonderful against silver.

Peridot is a mineral named olivine and is found in many countries, unfortunately most of the peridot stones that are found are simply too small for use in jewellery as they cannot be cut effectively. For example on some beaches in Hawaii there is a high peridot content in the sands, huge volumes of tiny gemstones that cannot be used. Most of the peridot jewellery you will find in shops feature peridot gemstones that originate in Pakistan where large stones are commonly mined, usually in lighter shades.

Egyptians loved peridot jewellery and the wealthy enjoyed wearing the gemstone due to its beautiful shades and perceived metaphysical qualities. They believed that the peridot gemstone brought the wearer authority, respect and power. Peridot has long been thought to aid women during labour and pregnancy and so is a popular gemstone for women, often a gift from a lover.

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