Ordering Vanilla Jasmine Tea Online

Vanilla jasmine tea is one of the most satisfying flavored teas you’ll ever try. A sweet combination of vanilla, jasmine petals and loose tea, it’s a great way to warm your body and wind down for the day. While vanilla jasmine tea can be made from white, black, green or oolong teas, it is not as common as you might imagine. But, if you shop with the best online tea vendors, you’re sure to be able to find this delicious blend for your own enjoyment.

Jasmine tea has been made for more than 700 years, and was once thought to have spiritual powers, which is one of the reasons it became the most popular tea blend. The first jasmine tea was made from green tea, and most jasmine tea today is green tea. Blending jasmine tea with vanilla, however, is not as old and not as common. But, you’re sure to be able to find this uncommonly good tea by shopping online.

While the most common jasmine tea is made from a base of green tea, vanilla jasmine seems to be just as readily available with a black tea base. Black vanilla jasmine tea will have the most subtle vanilla jasmine flavor of any vanilla jasmine tea, since black tea has a stronger flavor. The taste of the tea can vary depending upon the type of black tea used to create the vanilla jasmine tea.

Green tea is also often used to make vanilla jasmine tea. Green vanilla jasmine tea has a very natural and light flavor, with the plant taste of green tea complemented by the sweet and fragrant jasmine blossoms and the sweet vanilla. Many people who aren’t fond of the taste of green tea alone find that the added vanilla flavor and jasmine scent makes the tea far more palatable.

White jasmine vanilla tea is quite rare and is the lightest and sweetest vanilla jasmine tea. It will brew to a very pale color and have a refreshing taste with a lingering sweetness. This is a great tea to drink iced as well as hot.

Oolong vanilla jasmine tea is also quite rare. Oolong teas are semi-fermented, meaning that they are fermented for a shorter period of time than black teas. It is the ability to stop the fermentation at precisely the right time that gives oolong teas their distinct flavor. Most oolong teas are dried using charcoal, giving them another distinct dimension. Oolong vanilla jasmine tea will be smooth and fruity with a slightly fruity taste to complement the vanilla flavor. The finish will be slightly sweet and lingering.

Oolong teas can have very different tastes depending upon where they’re grown. Some oolong teas grown in Taiwan are also referred to as pouchong teas. These teas are fermented for a much shorter period of time than other oolong teas, giving them a flavor much closer to green tea. Pouchong teas are fermented to about 15%. Traditional oolong teas from Taiwan (also known as Formosa teas) are fermented like oolong teas from China, until the leaves are about 30% fermented. Therefore, if you’re selecting a Formosa oolong vanilla jasmine tea, you should understand whether you’re buying a true oolong or a pouchong tea, since the flavor will be quite different.

Ordering tea online opens up a whole new world for the tea connoisseur. It allows you access to teas from everywhere in the world without ever leaving your home. It’s never been easier to sample a wide variety of different tastes nor to find rare teas than it is today through the Internet.

Browse the web and take a look at all the online tea shops that are out there. Most have catalogs in 茶葉網店 print that they can send you to make browsing and choosing your favorite items easier. When you’re ready to order, doing so online is quick and easy.

If you’re unsure about a tea because it’s one you’ve never tried, see if the tea shop offers sample sized packages of the tea. This allows you to try a tea to see if you like it without investing a lot of money. If you find it to be a favorite, you can order it in bulk next time to save money.

When choosing which online tea shops to purchase from, evaluate them carefully. The best tea merchants will not always have the largest selection. Many will carry a smaller number of tea varieties, but they may do so simply because they are committed to carrying only the best teas. It’s also wise to choose tea merchants that only carry loose teas, as these are more likely to be the merchants that carry true gourmet teas.

Also look for tea merchants that offer a money back guarantee. When ordering a product online sight unseen, this guarantee can help you feel secure that you’re not wasting your money on a product you might not like.

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