15 Must Have Tools When Buying A Website

If you are in the market to purchase a website it is extremely critical that you do your homework before purchasing otherwise you could be in for a rude awakening once the transfer of ownership is completed. It is my experience that sellers tend to overvalue the sites that they offer for sale, while buyers tend to leap before they look.

I have been doing a lot of research on the subject lately and I thought I would share some of the information that I have found with you google search scraper . Read the article below and you will find a number of tools that should help you Inspect What You Expect when buying a website.

Market research is a fundamental area of research that you should be doing on your competitors. Do not take the seller at his/her word when the tell you the facts about their website. They will paint the best possible picture that exists without mentioning the warts. The collection below will allow you to inspect what you are buying without having to depend on the seller. It’s almost like being able to complete your own “home inspection” before buying.

Okay so what is pay per click online positioning anyway? Basically, it is the position your AdWords advertisement appears in the search results of Google. That is, out of the 10 or 12 spaces allotted for Google AdWords advertisers, your ad appears in one of these position through a bidding process.

Like most, you’d think that position one is the best position to get, because it is what the searcher sees first, but this is not necessarily the case, because while it gets most of the clicks from searchers it can often be too costly for the return. Having said that, if you have an advertisement that is at position 10 or scraping the bottom of the page, then that is not going to do you much good either.

So the solution is to find a happy medium between the two, that is, not at the very top of the page where it is costly, and not at the every bottom either for obvious reasons. Actually the best place to perform this benchmark is in position 3, that is, 3rd from the top. This will give you a solid benchmark to work with in determining what position is the most profitable for the product your are selling and the keywords you are using.

Once you have establish a benchmark, then increase the bid to gain a higher position. You should see more clicks coming through and hopefully more sales. You can then compare this return against the benchmark, this will help you determine whether the higher position is more profitable.

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