Tips for Buying Outdoor Speakers

When you have a grill party in your backyard, it is smart to add some music. I will give some pointers about setting up speakers in your backyard.

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When setting up speakers outdoors, the first consideration is making sure your speakers can weather the elements without damage. For a temporary setup, you obviously are good to use any type of speaker. Use water-resistant or water-proof speakers if you want to have peace of mind . This is especially true if you plan on leaving your speakers outdoors overnight or if you are setting up speakers permanently.

Depending on how large your space is, you want to carefully consider the speaker wattage rating. Outdoor spaces require higher speaker wattage than indoor spaces since the sound will dissipate fairly easily in an open area while it is confined if your speakers are indoors. When looking at the speaker wattage rating, it is best to pay close attention to the RMS wattage. RMS indicates how much power your speaker can handle on a continuous basis.

Peak wattage may be misleading since it is often exaggerated. Thus stick to the RMS wattage rating when comparing speakers. Another parameter is called sound pressure level or SPL. This parameter shows how loud your speaker will get when driven by 1 Watt of power. Having a speaker with a high wattage is not much use if the speaker does not produce much loudness.

Setting up speakers outdoors can be a hassle since you have to run a lot of speaker cable. An alternative are wireless speakers which aside from the power connection do away with the speaker cable mess. Some wireless models are battery-powered and thus are a smart choice for temporary installations. Keep in mind though that the batteries need to be recharged and also replaced every so often. Also, battery-powered models typically won’t offer the same amount of wattage as mains-powered models. Depending on the layout of your backyard, you may want to place just one or several speakers. Some wireless speakers can be set up to broadcast a mono mix or alternatively either output the left or right music channel.

If you pick a wireless outdoor speaker model, make sure that the transmitter offers enough range. There may be a significant distance between the location where your music is and the area where you set up your speakers. Also, if there are walls or other obstacles between the transmitter and your speaker, the operating range of the transmitter will be reduced. Typically wireless speaker manufacturers will show a maximum range in case of line of sight which means there isn’t anything in between the transmitter and speaker and also a typical range if the wireless signal has to travel across walls or ceilings.

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