Katech Releases Carbon Fiber Front Splitter Package For the C6 Corvette

For those of you looking to get more down force out of your C6 Corvette, Katech Performance introduces a kit that includes a front splitter, under tray, and even a brake duct kit. The kit (part number KAT A4979) was introduced in order to help C6 Corvette owners be able to add more down force to their Vettes without taking down their wallets in the process.

The front end splitter is made of carbon fiber as is the under tray and the brake ducts and they are all made here in the United States. The under tray runs all the way back to the radiator and the carbon fiber brake ducts are designed to draw in air from the front of the splitter and that air can then be applied directly to the front brakes.

The Katech kit was designed to be easy to install and does not require any special drilling fiber splitter to be done. All you have to do to install it is use the hardware that is provided with the kit and in several easy steps your carbon fiber splitter will be in place. There are no special tool required and the Katech splitter kit is designed to be a hassle free and welcomed addition to your C6 Corvette.

The Katech kit is designed to work with all C6 Corvette models including the Corvette Z06, the Corvette ZR1 and the Corvette Grand Sport. While the added down force with the Katech kit is significant, when used in combination with side skirts and a rear spoiler a near perfect aerodynamic scenario can be achieved. Instead of pulling air from the bottom of the C6 as a stock model would, the air is drawn from the front of the vehicle which leads to better aerodynamics and a down force that is comparable to that of a racing Vette.

Wind tunnel testing showed marked improvements with the use of the Katech splitter kit and the improvements are obviously all the better when combines with the side skirts and spoiler. Every Katech splitter kit comes with those results in the form of a seven page report. This way you can see for yourself just how much of an improvement the Katech kit will make to your overall down force instead of taking the company’s word for it.

The cost of the kit is only a tick over $1,700 and for what you gain you will quickly see how much of a bargain that price is. However, the company realizes that even that price may be too much for some consumers to swallow and also offer a fiberglass version of the kit for around $400. While the results for the fiberglass kit are similar they are a bit less spectacular as opposed to the Katech carbon fiber splitter kit.

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