The Mordern Supply Chain Model of the LED Light Supplier

For the LED light manufacturer, the general concept of an integrated supply chain is very similar to those of the manufacturers in other industries. The integrated supply chain model is the context of the management at the organizational level to build a framework of the capacity limitations, information, core competencies, capital, and human resource constraints. In this perspective, the supply chain model of the T8 LED tube manufacturer builds from the effective and efficient working structure and Led street lighting strategy to gain competitive advantage. It help link a company with the customers in terms of the supporting services and valuable products.


Therefore, the LED light supplier is able to integrate all business activities from raw material purchases to services and products delivery to the end customers. If the company has a perfect supply chain model, it can win the business more easily.

From the academic perspective, the T8 LED tube light company comprises the supply chain with five streetlamp critical elements. They are the information, the product, the service, the financial part, and the knowledge. It is also true in the real practice of the wholesale LED bulb products. The logistic is the basis of the integrated supply chain model. The model delivers the product and service within the operations. In such a model, each company is performing the logistical activity. The more effective the model is, the more successful the company is. However, some wholesale LED light firms may not integrate the logistical activity into the overall supply chain performance. The achievement of the logistical integration is always the focus of most wholesale LED tube companies.

Normally, the generalized supply chain arrangement links a company and its suppliers to the end customers. If the LED light supplier wants to win the business, it must pay attention to the integrated value-creation process. The company should manage all activities from the material procurement to the product and service delivery to the end customers.

In the traditional channel arrangements, the T8 LED tube manufacturer loosely links different groups of independent business to buy and sell inventory to each other. At present, the supply chain management improves a lot. It manages the initiatives to increase the market impact, the overall efficiency, the continuous improvement and competitiveness of the LED light manufacturer. In this way, the company can gain its advantage. In practice, many companies do not apply only one type of the models. They apply many complexities of different models to make the directional line diagrams. For instance, the T8 LED tube light firm may take part in many competitive supply chain models. The firms will apply multiple arrangements and will come across the difficult issues of loyalty, when the supply chain becomes the basic element of the competition. Such aspects may include the confidential information and the potential conflict of interest.

The high degree of mobility in typical arrangements is another aspect that will increase the complexity of the supply chain model. It is very important for the wholesale LED light firm to research the fluidity of the total pipeline, to see whether it has clear loss of critical connectivity. Take a wholesale LED bulb company for instance. It may focus more in the supply chain structure during the raw material purchases, especially in the peak season. To know the complex issues of the total pipeline arrangements, the wholesale LED tube company will need to set a resulting structure for the observation, to judge the value net of the output.

In the modern society, the information technology becomes the primary mover of the supply chain management. The supply chain management of the LED light manufacturer improved rapidly in the past several years. In addition to the information technology, other four important aspects also drive the rapid emergency of the total pipeline arrangements. These four aspects are (1) integrative management; (2) responsiveness; (3) financial sophistication; and (4) globalization. In the near future, these four aspects will continue to drive the structure and strategy improvement of the T8 LED tube manufacturer. This is also true to other industries.

For a LED light supplier, the successful supply chain strategies should include below six factors.

1. Market saturation driven.

The T8 LED tube light company should focus on brand building and popular marketing and distribution to earn high profit margins.

2. Operationally flexible.

The firm should react flexibly to the changeable customer trends by adjusting the wholesale LED light products. A good practice is to have the better configuration of assets and operations to serve different regions.

3. Freshness focused.

The company should keep on developing new wholesale LED bulb products, to focus on winning the business with fresher products than those of the competitors.

4. Customer specialized.

The supplier should design mass customization in the direct sales of the wholesale LED tube products. In this way the company can build long-term relationship with the customers.

5. Logistics optimized.

The firm should focus on the efficiency and effectiveness of the supply chain. The high performance is important to the business success.

6. Trade focused.

The LED light manufacturer should offer the best value for the customers at the lowest price. It is an important aspect to win long-term business success.

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